Historical Highlights

VIRJEN SHIPPING & MARINE SERVICES, was officially registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 8, 1972. The Company started operating on August 15, 1972 with a small office at the Magsaysay Building on Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila. After moving to two (2) other bigger office locations (at the Merchants Bank Building on A. Mabini St. and then 1414 Building, Roxas Blvd.) VIRJEN transferred to its own two-storey building at Taft Ave.,Malate, and in 1994 a new seven-storey MARC building. Later in December 2000, VIRJEN finally settled at its present address at the 18th Floor MARC 2000 Tower, 1973 Taft Ave., cor. San Andres St.,Malate,Manila. MARC building andMARC 2000 Tower are owned by MARC Properties Corporation – a Marquez owned family corporation.

On August 15, 1972, it formally commenced operations for the main purpose of owning and/or managing vessels for international and domestic trade, as well as providing shipping services to foreign ship owners, particularly – a) The supply of Filipino seamen to man their vessels; and b) To render agency services to vessels calling at Philippine ports.

In August 1985, VIRJEN SHIPPING CORPORATION (VSC) became the new name of VIRJEN Shipping andMarine Services, Inc.

VIRJEN first started manning two bulk carrier vessels; the MV Singapura Pertama and MV Freesia under Nissho Shipping Co., Ltd., Tokyo and Taiheiyo Kaiun Co., Ltd., Tokyo, respectively.

VIRJEN started manning for Japan Lines, the third largest shipping company in Japan at that time.

VIRJEN started manning oil tankers with Nissho Shipping Tokyo.

VIRJEN started manning for Kyoei Tanker / Harman Maritime, a subsidiary of NYK Lines – the largest shipping company in Japan.

VIRJEN started manning Kobe Kisen Kaisha Ltd (KKK) vessels thru Vermillion Overseas Ship Management Co. Ltd., Hong Kong (VOM).

VIRJEN started manning vessels under Far East Shipping & Trading (FEST) company.

MERCURY SHIPPING CORPORATION (MSC) was established to cater to vessels owned or ship managed by Vermillion Overseas Management, Inc. (VOM), Hongkong, under the KKK Group. MSC is wholly owned by VIRJEN SHIPPING CORPORATION and the Marquez Family.

VIRJEN started manning vessels under Kambara Kisen Tsuneishi

VIRJEN started manning VLCC/LPG Tankers of Nissho Shipping Tokyo.

MARC PROPERTIES CORPORATION was founded to cater to real estate needs of the affiliated shipping companies. MARC Building, its first building project was Inaugurated on November 5, 1994.

VIRJEN SHIPPINGCORPORATION was certified by ABS under ISO 9002:1994 Standard for Quality SystemManagement.

VIRJEN SHIPPING continue to be certified by DNV under ISO 9001:2008 Standard for Quality Management System. We are also presently aligning our system toMLC 2006.

VIRJEN moved to its new office at the new MARC 2000 Tower.

VIRJEN was given a citation for being one of the Pioneers in the Philippine Manning Industry by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administrationawarded by the Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Mrs. Patricia Sto. Tomas.

VIRJEN SHIPPING CORPORATION was given a citation by the Department of Labor and Employment - Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Philippine Republic, in recognition of its initiatives in developing the overseas employment industry, thereby assuming a bigger role in promoting the competence of Filipinos and creating employment opportunities for Filipino seamen.

VIRJEN Shipping Crew received an award during the 2011 Bagong Bayani Awards for Most Outstanding Employee Filipino . This was in recognition for the life saving and efficient performance of the Crew MT. NICHIHIKO during the March 2011 Tsunami in Japan.

VIRJEN SHIPPING CORPORATION received the distinction as one of the 12 companies accorded with the “POLARIS Star Maritime Award” by the PhilippineMerchant Marine Academy (PMMA) .

VIRJEN received itsMLC Certification from Class NK .

VIRJEN received its MLC Certification from POEA .

VIRJEN received ISO Certification 9001:2008 from Class NK. The company is currently certified by both Class NK and DNV Certifying bodies.

VIRJEN received a recognition from Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment for their years of loyal service and support of the industry projects. Mr. EricsonM. Marquez was likewise acknowledged for his service to the organization.

StartedManning for Domestic Shipping with Fujitrans under MPSI ShipManagement .

Mission Vision

After years of service to our Principals, the Company is now confidently equipped with expertise and a strong backbone of values. Moving forward, the Company’s mission is to remain AT THE FOREFRONT. With its leaders directing the Company’s voyage, they expect the company to be a Pioneer who will overcome the rigors of competition and constantly be first in Quality Service, Customer Service, Community Service and Industry Service.

At the Forefront

It is remaining “At the forefront” that we can ensure the following:

  • Continuous employment of all Seafarers who are hardworking, competent, loyal and disciplined.
  • Continuous contribution to the welfare and development of its seafarers and the families, in particular, and to the country’s economic growth in general.
  • And lastly, continuous stamp of global approval that will enable the Company to reach for its Vision.
We excel in our
Trade of providing Competent Manning Services.
We are here to
Help uplift the competency of the Filipino Seafarer.
And in doing so, help in multiplying
Employment opportunities in the industry.

We work as a team with a
Common and cohesive purpose.
We are primed to operate
Optimal quality operations.
We are securing our position as
Manning Agency Pioneer.
We are a team who values and practices
Principled Professionalism.
We fully recognize, accept and
Adhere only to the highest ethical and moral standards.
With this integrity, we strive to mark our
Niche in this noble industry.
Yield is to God. To Him we return all glory.
The company stays comfortably at the forefront of the industry because its vision goes beyond industry market share and profitability. The Company’s quality policy and mission are all aligned to one Vision which is to propel the company to being “The Company of Choice”. Being a pioneer the intention is to emerge victorious as an INDUSTRY BENCHMARK. The vision is to establish
We are always
Outstanding in our Commitments to our Industry.
We are firm, fearless, flexible,
Focused & embody Fortitude a midst all encounters.

We elect to keep and uphold
Competent crew and employees.
We always value our
High Personal and Business Integrity and Ethics.
We practice
Objectiveness with a conscience.
We continually
Innovate and Improve out level of quality.
We are committed to
Comply with standards and regulations.
We sustain our Legacy and
Extend it to future movers and leaders in the Industry.

Crew Management Policy

This CREW MANAGEMENT POLICY (CMP) is established to serve as the guiding principle to our crew management activities including but not limited to the recruitment, development and management of vessel personnel. The CMP is designed to realize our planned activities under the Quality Management System. The CMP shall be implemented as governed by our Quality Policy and Code of Ethics, supported by process policies, realized thru relevant objectives, and as supplemented by any additional policy that shall be effected to enhance the QMS.

Our crew management system, which is the core process of the business shall be implemented concurrently and consistently with our quality commitments and principles governing the established quality management system. This shall mean a foremost commitment to customer satisfaction, achievement of business results, compliance, pro-active planning & programming and continual improvements.

The fleet shall comprise only of qualified, competent, medically fit and duly certificated/documented seafarers who satisfactorily meet all customer and company requirements and the prescribed national, international standards.

Qualification, competence and fitness for duty shall be determined by the completion of the company’s exclusive screening and evaluation process which entails no less than the approval of TopManagement and final acceptance of the Principal.

Only suitably qualified crew in the manpower pool shall be included in the rotation schedule and correspondingly given a vessel assignment based on experience on type of vessel, general sea service experience and compliance with Company and Principal policies and processes as primary criterion.

All crew in the fleet shall be submitted to a sustained training and orientation program in the appropriate forum commencing prior embarkation up to post embarkation particularly on the following aspects:

  1. Company / Principal Policies, Rules and Regulations
  2. Company / Principal Expectations from the Crew’s Involvement and Importance in overall vessel operations
  3. Contract Provisions for Employment / Terms and Conditions including salaries and benefits
  4. International Maritime Conventions, Standards and Regulations as applied to our country and the manning industry
  5. Safety Regulations
  6. Proper On Board Working Environment, Health and Welfare
  7. Familiarization with Vessel Particulars and Trade Routes
  8. Company Processes and Procedures
  9. Other pertinent matters as required

All crew in the fleet shall be submitted to continuing on board training and education as a result or for the purpose of the following:

  1. Guidance on the proper performance of duties and responsibilities on board
  2. Professional advancement and career planning and development
  3. Updates and developments on maritime and shipping technology
  4. Updates and developments on industry / maritime conventions
  5. Documentary requirements
  6. Preventive / corrective measures

All crew performances shall be monitored and evaluated periodically for technical ability, theoretical application and overall conduct on-board to identify competency needs on areas for advancement/upgrading, enhancements and/or to detect non-conformances. The result of this monitoring shall be the foundation for the career planning of the crew within the fleet.

All crew shall be assured to comply with mandatory maritime and shipping regulations as applied to local/national government, international and institutions - concurrent to their appointed vessels and routes.

Our business operations shall set precedence to the proper regard of crew and family welfare and well-being through the provision of just and equitable compensation, administration of benefits in accordance with current national and international conditions including the creation of services that will assist them, guided by the objection of attaining crew satisfaction.

Our manning operations shall put into practice the principle of fairness, equality and just treatment of crew.

All activities shall endeavour to promote harmonious relations based on mutual trust and confidence.

All personnel shall uphold at all times the integrity and reputation of the Company through the exercise of business ethics, good working and professional relationshipswith the Principals, seafarers, their families and all other parties with whom the company comes in contact with.

All adequate documentation and records, where applicable, of the pertinent crew management processes and procedures from hiring, embarkation and post-employment, especially where a subcontracted party has issued such records, shall be maintained, safeguarded and where required, confidentiality will be applied.