Virjen Mercury Allotee Circle

VIRJEN-MERCURY ALLOTEE CIRCLE is an organization of crew's family and allotees who coordinates with the company to help live out the bridges program. Through this organization they raise their concerns and requests for assistance to the company. They present programs to the company that they think are suitable to accomplish the goals of the bridges program.


  • To develop company relation and communication with family of the crew particularly the allottees
  • To act as social arm of the Company and cater to the various social and recreational activities such as Christmas Party, Valentine's Party etc, involving the company and the crew families
  • To organize Livelihood Projects and Activities to educate our allotees to become self-reliant and independent and not just to rely on crew's allotment
  • To act as representative of all Crew and their families in outreach activities and other community service projects

Programs already completed

  • Industry Awareness Program – Resource speakers are invited to explain industry and company policies that will help them in processing papers. (ex : medical claims if their husband disembarked sick, or information on what we can or cannot send on board or what they need to request for a company loan, etc.)
  • Livelihood program – Resource speakers are invited to train allotees with different skills that can give them income or teach them how to manage their money.
  • Annual Fundraising Program – Partake in activities prepared by Virjen to raise funds for PCM Foundation's different charities.
  • Grievance Assistance Program – They may air concerns regarding unjust practices through the organizations leaders.
  • Vessel Bulletin
  • Spiritual and Value-formation retreats

Corporate Reponsibility: Medical Mission

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